About sheaqueous cream

Introducing Sheaqueous

Sheaqueous cream is a natural aqueous butter which moisturises and nourishes all skin types – even the driest of skins. The revised formulation of Sheaqueous is even richer, creamier and more nourishing than before. It has no added fragrance, is vegan and tested SAFE for babies. It is not tested on animals but on our human volunteers. Made from naturally rich emollient oils, with pure unrefi ned organic shea butter at the heart of this rich formulation, Sheaqueous helps to moisturise, soothe, protect and keep skin in good condition.


  • For moisturising the whole body – from normal to very dry skin
  • For moisturising babies/children’s skin
  • For after-sun care
  • For expanding pregnant tummies
  • For softening and improving problem areas e.g. cracked heels
  • For relieving itchiness and dryness resulting from skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoraisis*
  • For soothing itchy skin
  • For nourishing and relieving ageing skin
  • For moisturising and protecting balding scalp
  • For softening rough scaly skin

*Please note this is not medical advice, but the feedback from our testers

How do I use Sheaqueous?

Sheaqueous can be used on a daily basis from head to toe. A recent survey of 50 testers in June 2017 confirmed that Sheaqueous can be used to eff ectively moisturise the face, body, hands, feet, nails, on expanding pregnant tummies, bald heads and many other areas. Sheabynature’s Sheaqueous is the only cream you need for the whole family.

What are the features of Sheaqueous cream?

  • Versatile everyday cream for all skin types, which makes it economical for families to use
  •  Available in 250ml pots which will last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks
  • PH balanced and toxicologically assessed SAFE for babies, children and pregnant women, with excellent spreadability and absorption
  • Contains no petrochemicals or parabens, which many clients prefer to avoid
  • Has a rich and thick consistency, abundant in natural oils, butters and waxes
  • No added fragrance but it has a slight natural shea butter and almond scent

What are the benefits for the skin and the advantages of Sheaqueous cream?

Our users found Sheaqueous cream moisturising, hydrating, soothing and light, without leaving an oily residue. The skin appears glowing, softer, refreshed and more supple. Sheaqueous is an emollient – naturally softening and soothing the skin. As Sheaqueous doesn’t contain petrochemicals or parabens, customers have peace of mind knowing that they are treating their skin with natural ingredients as well as supporting Co-operative trade.

How is it different from other aqueous products on the market?

As you’ve seen from the above, Sheaqueous brings the skin various benefi ts with natural ingredients. We believe the saying “You are what you eat” is just as relevant for our skin, so our products contain only ingredients that will nourish the body. Also, some of our consumer testers have drawn comparison between Sheaqueous and other leading aqueous creams on the market, and stated they have seen far better results with Sheaqueous.

Who can use Sheaqueous cream?

The wonderful quality of Sheaqueous with its abundance of rich natural ingredients make it eff ective for use on a wide variety of skin types, conditions and colours. It is versatile for the entire family.

The rich texture, easy spreadability and absorption as well as long lasting hydration make Sheaqueous ideal for our users who have dry, itchy, eczema or dermatitis prone skin and more. We have a large number of users with excessively dry skin who use Sheaqueous successfully where other creams have not worked for them.

65% of our testers reported that their skin remained moisturised for between 6-24 hours after application (from offi cial Sheaqueous survey June 2017)

Parents can use Sheaqueous to soothe rashes and other skin discomforts on their babies/young children, as the product is assessed SAFE for babies and has a cooling sensation perfect for soothing such problems.