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So I’ve still got quite a bit left from my tester pot and since the trial have turned to it for two more jobs!
My hands got sore pretty instantly after using a harsh cleaning product. And I got an itchy and sore rash after shaving my legs. Both times I instinctively reached for the little sample pot. Both times it soothed the itchiness, soreness and tightness. Loving this cream more and more



Using the cream as a moisturiser on dry skin, guess which leg I have creamed? I like how it absorbs quickly, keeping my tan looking good.

I tried it on cracked heels as an experiment but on these it was very greasy and didn’t soak in as it did on my legs, don’t worry not posting a photo of these. Used on face and hands too, it has a smell when applying which I don’t mind and this fades away quite soon after application. The pot seems to be lasting well as a small finger dab of cream is enough to do a general rub in.

I am a vegetarian so no animal testing makes it appealing to me along with using natural ingredients and no chemical nasties. Happy with this product so far, hopefully it won’t be too costly.

I just wanted to let you know, I saw the chiropodist on wed and she wanted to know what I had been using on my feet because they were so much softer and no hard skin. When professionals notice it means a lot. She will be checking the page out so may have a few more converts x


I have been using the sheaqeous cream for just under 2 weeks and must say I am really happy with it. My skin tends to get quite dry in the winter and with weather changes and this cream has left my skin supple and moisturised without being greasy at all. It sinks beautifully into the skin. I tested it out on my face which is combination skin oily/normal to dry again depending on the weather and I absolutely love it. It’s hard to find a cream which can leave my dry/normal patches moisturised without making my T-Zone oily but this leaves me very well moisturised without oily shine, it rather gives a healthy glow. I’ve used to to moisturise my hands when outside and when have allowed my friends to use it and they were very happy with how it moisturises. This very well may be a staple of mine!


Shea cream has worked wonders for the small patches of eczema on my hands and arms. I also use it on my face as a moisturiser as it hydrates my skin. I won’t hesitate to use it for any other skin irritations from now on.

I’ve had the Aqueous cream for a while and use it on mine and my partners skin and I quite like it.
My 8 week old son in the photos came up with a rash and I was told by the health visitor to use Aveeno cream on it and I found that I would have to apply it very frequently and not much change would happen. So I decided to test the aqueous cream on his skin.
Before I put it on his face I tested it on the rash on his neck just in case his skin didn’t agree with it. I noticed that he stopped scratching and it lasted a lot longer. The redness calmed down and the rashes started to fade.
So after 3 days use it looks a lot better on his face.
The photos are from today. You can see the before application his skin looks dull and rough, after application it looks well oiled and 3hrs after it looks a lot clearer and still pretty shiny. I will continue to use it until the rash clears up.


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A little more info for you Chinwe Ibe-Russell – I have been using my tester pot for a bit now, in which it has improved my skin quite a lot. Last week we moved house and the cream was packed away and can’t find it, which meant I have been a week and a bit without the cream and in that time my skin flared up again, back to square one with it! I ordered another pot, which has turned up today and instant relief. So being without probably shows how dramatically it had improved my skin. Absolutely love it and cannot be without now.