Thank you to everyone who completed the Sheaqueous survey. Your answers have been extremely helpful for us in understanding the impact and qualities of Sheaqueous as well as its potential in the marketplace as a natural intensive moisturiser.

We were delighted to find that many testers are experiencing all-round benefits with Sheaqueous – moisturisation, skin feels cooled and refreshed, rapid improvement to the skin’s condition and healthiness, and positive effects on particularly dry problem areas. 94% of you would recommend Sheaqueous to friends and family – what a great response! Amongst the testing group, there was a real mix of skin tones, age groups and skin conditions (healthy/normal to extremely dry/diagnosed conditions). Positive feedback from this diverse group proves that Sheaqueous works for varying skin types and is suitable for the entire family!

Here are some highlights from the survey:

-80% of you noticed improvement to your skin within one week
-70% of you found that Sheaqueous leaves the skin feeling cooled and refreshed
-78% of you said your skin feels more nourished since using Sheaqueous
-58% of you used it to improve skin on problem areas such as hands, feet, knees and elbows
-50% of the group have skin conditions including extremely dry breaking skin, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Acne. 65% of those found that Sheaqueous relieved their condition
-60% of pregnant testers said they use Sheaqueous on their expanding tummies
-40% of testers with babies/young children use Sheaqueous as an all body moisturiser on them. Other uses for this age group included bathing, soothing eczema and body rashes.
-86% of you said that skin felt “more moisturised” or “very moisturised” since using Sheaqueous
-94% of you would recommend Sheaqueous to friends and family

Again, thank you for taking part and we hope you can join us for other product testings.These results really do show the positive effects of using natural skincare products!