They say you are what you eat – and we believe this is true for our skin as well. If we feed our skin with natural ingredients that are proven to protect and nourish, it’s much more likely to be healthy.

Across the skincare market we see many different products such as body and face moisturisers appearing as the next new ‘secret for hydration’, anti-ageing and so on. What we’re made less aware of is the use of petrochemicals and parabens in many of these popular products.

Are such chemicals essential to include in a moisturiser? No.

This is why we have created Sheaqueous. An alternative to other aqueous products on the market, our new intensive moisturiser contains an original blend of organic products such as shea butter, aloe vera and almond oil, so customers of all ages and skin types can nourish and protect their skin naturally, with peace of mind.

Recently, 50 volunteers stepped up to test Sheaqueous over the course of a few weeks and complete a survey, and the results have been fantastic – a real eye opener into the benefits of natural skincare products. We thought we’d share some of these findings…

-94% would recommend Sheaqueous to friends and family
-80% noticed improvement to their skin within one week
-86% said that skin felt “more moisturised” or “very moisturised” since using Sheaqueous
-70% found that Sheaqueous leaves the skin feeling cooled and refreshed
-78% said their skin feels more nourished since using Sheaqueous
-58% used it to improve skin on problem areas such as hands, feet, knees and elbows

Sheaqueous Official Survey – June 2017

Thanks to the natural formula, large proportions of the testing group have experienced rapid improvement to their skin’s condition and moisturisation – all without the need of chemicals.  

We’re also proud to say that Sheaqueous has been tested SAFE for babies and pregnant women, who need to be extremely careful about what they are applying to their bodies. 60% of testers who were pregnant said they use Sheaqueous on their expanding tummies and 40% of testers with babies/young children use it as an all body moisturiser on them. Other testers with babies also used the cream for bathing, soothing eczema and body rashes.  

The gentle, natural formula also worked well for those with skin conditions including extremely dry breaking skin, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Acne. 50% of our testers have one or more of these conditions, and 65% of them found that Sheaqueous relieved their condition.

So, much like what we eat and drink, considering what is best for our skin’s health can make a real difference to our bodies and how we feel about them. If you’re interested in using natural products, give it a go and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results of rich, organic ingredients!