I wanted to respond to something that Penney French talked about briefly below; using Sheaqueous on cracked feet and heels. If you have these problems, and you want to achieve good result with Sheaqueous, then you may want to follow this suggestion. Before I get to that, let us talk first about cracked heels. If you have cracked , or very rough heels/feet, it could be as a result of extreme dryness, or possibly other underlying problems. Very dry cracked feet cannot be treated in one go. The skin there is thick and tough. There is build up of dead skin cells as well. So I suggest you do this first . Soak your feet first in warm soapy water to soften the skin, then get rid of the dead skin cells with a pumice stone or very tough sponge. Dry your feet, then apply the Sheaqueous cream . Please note; you only need to soak your feet the first time you start this method. Apply only a small amount of Sheaqueous all over your feet until this soaks in. Repeat this process daily , that is the application of sheaqueous. You should start seeing a real difference after the first treatment. Basically if your feet has a lot of tough rough skin and you apply sheaqueous cream directly, it may not sink in quickly, but if you do the soakng method, then it will work.